What is Biathlon ?

The biathlon is combining two disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Biathletes alternate ski and shot (lying and standing) on 5 targets at a distance of 50 m, with a diameter of 4.5 cm for the lying shooting and 11.5 cm for standing shooting. Each shooting error is punished either by a time penalty (+ 1 min for the individual event) or a penalty loop of 150 m for other events.

Distances raced by female athletes

  1. 15 km individual
    (4 shoots: lying/standing/lying/standing)
  2. 7,5 km sprint
    (2 shoots: lying/standing)
  3. 10 km pursuit
    (4 tirs : lying/lying/standing/standing)
  4. 12,5 km mass start
    (4 shoots: lying/lying/standing/standing)
  5. 4 x 6 km relay
    (2 shoots: lying/standing)

Distances raced by male athletes

  1. 20 km individual
    (4 shoots lying/standing/lying/standing)
  2. 10 km sprint
    (2 shoots: lying/standing)
  3. 12,5 km pursuit
    (4 shoots: lying/lying/standing/standing)
  4. 15 km mass start
    (4 shoots: lying/lying/standing/standing)
  5. 4 x 7,5 km relay
    (2 shoots: lying/standing)
“Biathlon is the sport that makes me want to get up every morning and to which I devote a big part of my life. Cross- country skiing and shooting are complete opposites and this is what makes this sport so exciting. Imagine 170 heart beats per minute on skis and then having to hold your breath whilst shooting?”

Biathlon by Marie Dorin-Habert

Vice- World Champion in Hochfilzen (AUT) 2017 (mixed relay)
Triple World Champion (individual, mass start and mixed relay) and Double Vice- World Champion (sprint and relay) in Oslo-Holmenkollen (NOR) 2016
2nd in the overall World Cup rankings 2016
Double Olympic medallist in Vancouver (CAN) 2010 (relay and sprint)

Biathlon, a popular sport!

Biathlon has become one of the most popular winter sports. Facts & figures:

  • 29 million French viewers (cumulative audience) followed the Biathlon World Championships in Ruhpolding (GER) 2012.
    Source : Eurosport
  • 470,000 fans gathered in front of Eurosport to watch Martin Fourcade win the pursuit event of these same World Championships.
    Source : Eurosport
  • 972 hours retransmission of biathlon competitions around the world in one year. In 1999, transmission time failed to exceed 260 hours!
    Source : INFRONT
  • 560 000 spectators assisted at events on the world circuit (World Cup and World Championship events 2011/2012).
    Source : INFRONT

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