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New victory in sprint for the Norwegian Johannes Thingnes BOE on the Sylvie Becaert stadium, who starts his week in the most beautiful way as last year. A 5th consecutive success which consolidates his place as leader of the general ranking!

In front of a public that came massively despite bad weather conditions, the Norwegians even signed a double since Sturla Holm LAEGREID took the 2nd place. The German Benedikt DOLL completes the podium while the surprise comes from the Korean Timofei LAPSHIN, 5th. The first Frenchman, Fabien CLAUDE, finishes 7th. Quentin FILLON MAILLET and Emilien JACQUELIN take respectively the 8th and 13th places, everything is still possible on Saturday.

Now it’s time for the women’s sprint, see you tomorrow at 2:15 pm!