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Located only several hundred metres from the heart of the resort, the Sylvie Becaert stadium is ideally situated at an altitude of 1000 metres. In accordance with a strict programme for sustainable development, the new stadium is used for a series of different events throughout the year: Tour de France, paragliding landing spot, etc.


To organize Olympic and World class events, it is necessary to obtain an A licence, delivered by the International Biathlon Union (IBU). The stadium in Le Grand-Bornand is the only one in France to possess this particular licence.


  • 1 shooting range of 30 targets,
  • 5 tracks from 2 to 4 km each, which largely use existing tracks designed to preserve the natural environment,
  • 19 500 spectator places
  • 80% of the infrastructure dismantled at the end of the competition.


80% of the facilities will be removed after the competition. Bridges and stands will be dismantled.

The stands are those previously used in Annecy for the lakeside festival.

The existing congress hall will host the press and VIPs.

Part of the logistics team will set up in the neighbouring ice-rink

The slopes to be used for the races are already existent and designed to preserve the natural agricultural surroundings.

An eco-friendly attitude

  • During the competition, a shuttle bus service will run from Thônes, half way between Annecy and Le Grand Bornand.
  • The use of vehicles will be limited. Access to the competition ground will only be authorized by shuttle bus or on foot.
  • Recycling waste containers will be installed on site and recyclable plates and cups will be used throughout the event.